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Noticias Covid 19 LatinoAmérica

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Noticias Covid 19 LatinoAmérica

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  • CNN en Español
    el día 10 julio, 2020 a las 10:20 am

    Habla español? Visit CNN en Español for all the latest news and updates in Spanish.

  • Facebook shuts down fake accounts tied to Bolsonaro staffers
    el día 10 julio, 2020 a las 10:20 am

    Facebook has removed dozens of what it said are fake social media accounts linked to the offices of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his sons. The accounts were used to target journalists and political opponents of the president, and also discussed the coronavirus.

  • Brazilian press group will sue Bolsonaro for taking off his mask
    el día 10 julio, 2020 a las 10:20 am

    The Brazilian Press Association has said it will file a lawsuit in Brazil’s Supreme Court against President Jair Bolsonaro over possibly exposing members of the media to Covid-19, according to a statement from the association on Tuesday.

  • Bolsonaro vetoes Covid-19 protections for indigenous people in Brazil
    el día 10 julio, 2020 a las 10:20 am

    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has vetoed several points of a law aimed at protecting indigenous communities against Covid-19 on Wednesday, according to the government’s official journal.

  • As coronavirus cases explode in Brazil, so do investigations into corruption
    el día 10 julio, 2020 a las 10:20 am

    As Brazil’s coronavirus cases surge by the tens of thousands each day, the country is contending with a parallel outbreak — a flurry of corruption investigations into the alleged misuse of public money rapidly shelled out for Covid-19 emergency procurement.


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